Branding & Strategic Communications

The Alaska Department of Public Safety’s Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (CDVSA) is required by law to submit an annual report each year highlighting their progress toward zero instances of domestic violence and sexual assault. The primary audience for the report is Alaska legislators, CDVSA grantees, the Governor’s office, and the general public.


CDVSA tasked Walsh|Sheppard with developing a new design and format for the annual report, with the goal to make the report easier to navigate and better communicate the highlights of the year.


Knowing that long narratives are rarely perused in an increasingly digital world, our focus was to use graphics, columns,  and reduce the page count to ensure readability. In addition to developing a concise report with user-friendly graphics, we determined that a logo and color palette refresh was needed to modernize the CDVSA brand. Feedback from CDVSA’s audiences was overwhelmingly positive and the format will be utilized in future publications.

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