Has your service delivery model changed as a result of COVID-19? Is your client outreach and marketing suffering as a result? Walsh|Sheppard has healthcare marketing experts who can help your business thrive during this ever-changing time.

Our Services

Marketing Plans

Telehealth delivery has created new opportunities for expanding your clientele. Our team can work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan to reach – and gain – new clients in other areas of the state.

Social Media Management

Your time is best spent on navigating the changes to service delivery. Let us handle your social media management while you focus on running your business.

Client Communications

Clients need more frequent updates on changes to your business practices, and there’s no one-size-fits-all channel to reach everyone. Streamline your communications with clients with synchronized emails, texts, newsletters, and direct mail.

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

Make sure your telehealth services appear at the top of search engine results. Work with our team to update your website and SEM strategy.

Business Operations Support

Are you struggling to adapt to a different service delivery model? Our healthcare marketing team will help you find telehealth platforms and tools for seamless service delivery.


Walsh|Sheppard organized a six-week digital campaign for 10th & M Seafoods that targeted audiences within Alaska and the greater United States. Using social media marketing, search engine optimization, and digital ads, our combined digital advertisements netted an 809% return on investment—as measured purely through online orders.

During the campaign, 85% of website visitors were new customers. It is highly likely that a portion of phone and walk-in orders can be attributed to impressions created via online media channels. It is also likely that sales driven by indirect marketing (word of mouth recommendations between customers) occurred at a significant rate. 10th & M Seafoods also increased their social media followers by 11.45% as an indirect campaign benefit.