Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Strategic Branding & Corporate Communications

Established in 1976, the Alaska Permanent Fund is one of our state’s most important assets, created to provide wealth for current and future generations. The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) is the organization responsible for managing and growing the Fund, while a separate entity is tasked with distributing annual dividends to qualified Alaskans.

Walsh|Sheppard began working with APFC in 2016, when Alaska was facing budget quandaries and the Legislature began looking to the Permanent Fund for solutions. There were several proposals before the Legislature that would change the volume of deposits into the Fund and the use of the earnings reserve. Emotions were running high among the public and lawmakers alike; with increased media attention, it was essential for APFC to communicate its role in building wealth for Alaska through savvy investment strategies and to educate the public about how the Fund operates.


Marketing Objective
APFC sought communications and strategic branding support to educate the public and demonstrate the essential value of APFC. This meant clarifying APFC’s role as the investment manager of Alaska’s largest public trust, building a sense of openness, honesty, and transparency, and highlighting APFC’s position as non-bureaucratic and non-political. In a time of change and uncertainty, APFC needed a partner who could meet a variety of goals depending on shifting economic and political winds.

Walsh|Sheppard began our partnership with APFC through an intensive branding workshop where we got to know their staff and learn about the internal growth and innovation that supports APFC’s work as a world-class investment team. With a sense of their savvy strategy, down-to-earth Alaska spirit, and blend of traditional and innovation investments, Walsh|Sheppard revamped APFC’s brand with an updated logo, color palette, and brand guidelines. The new logo represents the stability and strength of APFC, and we transformed the website with modern architecture so essential information is easier to find and understand. Each day, the value of the Fund is posted on the website so all Alaskans can check in on its performance.


While APFC continues to focus on their investment strategies to manage more than 60 billion dollars in assets, they are now equipped with a clear, modern look that supports their relationship with stakeholders — from international investment partners to everyday Alaskans.


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