Pay Per Click Ads (PPC, SEM)

A well-designed, fully operational PPC campaign is the most effective, cost-efficient method for acquiring potentially life-long customers

Pay per click (PPC) advertisement enables businesses to lease space on search engine result pages to promote their products or services to likely customers. For example, a man looking on Google for a new suit would receive a list topped by big-name retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, or Macy’s, even if none of those stores are within 100 miles of him. Meanwhile, his local department store might not even make the first page of results.

Fortunately, smaller businesses don’t need to match Burlington’s bank account to be seen. Search engines reward good, relevant information by featuring it more highly—hence, a few well-designed PPC campaigns can catapult smaller businesses into a level playing field with even the most dominant brands, with a predictably high return on investment.

Digital advertisements charge by click, not by view, guaranteeing businesses net more customers for every dollar spent. It is worth noting that this method of advertisement is also sometimes referred to as search engine marketing (SEM).

The sophisticated technology driving PPC campaigns guarantees:

    • Your ads are delivered directly to customers already interested in purchasing your product/service.
    • Your investment directly nets more visitors for your website.
    • Location Targeting pinpoints customers within a radius whose scope you can freely adjust.
    • Detailed monthly reports to analyze your ad’s effectiveness.

Focused, direct advertising

We will create and manage your PPC campaign across major search engines, guaranteeing your products and services are presented to prospective customers ready to make a purchase.


Walsh|Sheppard organized a six-week digital campaign for 10th & M Seafoods that targeted audiences within Alaska and the greater United States. Using social media marketing, search engine optimization, and digital ads, our combined digital advertisements netted an 809% return on investment—as measured purely through online orders.

During the campaign, 85% of website visitors were new customers. It is highly likely that a portion of phone and walk-in orders can be attributed to impressions created via online media channels. It is also likely that sales driven by indirect marketing (word of mouth recommendations between customers) occurred at a significant rate. 10th & M Seafoods also increased their social media followers by 11.45% as an indirect campaign benefit.