Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Target and discover your audience’s various population groups for smarter, more relevant messaging

Social media marketing (SMM) rose to prominence in the millisecond following the first online profile’s creation. Social Media collects each user’s demographic data—such as age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, marital status, and others—and can now display ads relevant to the user’s search history. Advertisers can use social media data to push information out, and to cycle information back in.

This control and nuance over customer information is extremely attractive to businesses—but requires expert handling

As an example, a boutique selling maternity clothing may choose to target their ads toward women (information going out). After a period of campaign monitoring, it may become apparent that customers are most likely between 20-40 years old (information coming in).

This flow of information is valuable to marketers—and should be handled with finesse. A 20-year-old may feel perturbed at the sudden bombardment of pregnancy imagery, while a 40-year-old struggling with her fertility would be forced to revisit a painful topic. Even the pregnant 30-year-old shopping for stretchy pants might resent being labeled by her pregnancy. As a worst-case scenario, someone may feel their privacy has been so infringed upon that they file a lawsuit. At the same time, the competitive advantages of SMM cannot be overstated, and every major brand has established a robust social media presence to improve customer relations, acquire new clients, and collect data on audience behavior patterns.

Work with experts to take advantage of the latest social media marketing trends

Search engine marketing and social media marketing are evolving, vigorously debated platforms in today’s digital climate. The regulations and requirements for businesses and advertisers on a single social media platform are often updated multiple times a year—meaning, businesses that desire expert results, must invest in expert solutions.

At Walsh|Sheppard, our full-time digital marketing specialists keep abreast of social media regulations, pay attention to social trends and attitudes pertaining to digital media, and collaborate closely with our creative and behavioral sciences team to design and distribute content that targets the audience you want, while increasing your brand’s visibility and reputation.

We leverage paid SMM across different platforms and user devices (e.g., mobile phones, desktop computers) for peak content performance, develop well-organized systems that direct customers where you want them to go, and—most importantly—we don’t lose sight of the individuals who make up customer data.

We understand how hard businesses work to build relationships with their customers. Digital Marketing has become an expected, default venue for the 21st century customer—a reality businesses can no longer afford to ignore. No matter the size of your customer base or your business’s level of digital establishment, we’re here to make sure that your digital marketing and social media marketing treats customers with the level of care and consideration that you would expect of a retail employee.


Walsh|Sheppard organized a six-week digital campaign for 10th & M Seafoods that targeted audiences within Alaska and the greater United States. Using social media marketing, search engine optimization, and digital ads, our combined digital advertisements netted an 809% return on investment—as measured purely through online orders.

During the campaign, 85% of website visitors were new customers. It is highly likely that a portion of phone and walk-in orders can be attributed to impressions created via online media channels. It is also likely that sales driven by indirect marketing (word of mouth recommendations between customers) occurred at a significant rate. 10th & M Seafoods also increased their social media followers by 11.45% as an indirect campaign benefit.